Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Cheats????

Although, obviously like every quiz player, I aim to achieve as a higher placing as possible each week I am not obsessed about winning. If alone, or with only my girlfriend, I know at this stage I am not at the standard yet, and lack quiz experience being only 25, to be able to win every week or at least challenge for the win. Thus most weeks the obvious cheating that occurs does not bother me too much!

However, this week I was joined by my parents as our knowledge bases really compliment each other. We had a storming opening few rounds and ended up second by two points. It would have been nice to win for a change and I would not have minded being beaten by such a short gap.

But is was plainly obvious to me that the winning team were cheating! One of the pictures was Jessica Alba and I overheard the conversation "she was in the Fantastic four...cant think of her name". Suddenly the guy who visits the toilet each and ever week at the same times arose, went to the toilet and came back with a whisper in the ear of the team member writing the answers.

This happened again at the same times as every week.....first round after 15 questions, knowing there are only five left and there is little time to cheat before the papers are collected in, he is in the toilet and again second round he is in the toilet. Many a time I have walked into the loo and he has hurriedly placed his phone back into his pocket.

So does cheating matter to you, is it something which bothers you in the normal pub quiz?

As I say, in most weeks it does not even remotely bother me but the one team who are winning by a few points each week are starting to annoy. Most teams know it but the quizmaster doesn't and willingly marks the answers and awards the case.  I think most are too polite to say anything so long will it continue.

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