Sunday, 29 May 2011

TV - The Million Pound Drop

Last night the current series Channel 4's hit prime time quiz show , The Million Pound Drop, came to and end. I have yet again enjoyed this run of shows greatly and am anticipating the return of the show in Autumn and have even placed a hopeful application to appear on the programme.

Basically for those of you who may have not seen the show, it's presented by Davina Mccall and the object is to battle your way through eight questions and retain the one million pounds you are given. Each question starts off with 4 answers and you must "gamble" your money on a maximum of 3 answers. Place any money on the wrong answer and it drops, hence the title, and is lost forever. Whatever money was placed on the correct answer you keep and so on. The options dwindle down to three for the remaining few questions and to make it even harder the last question ids a 50/50 and all your money must be placed on one answer.

The Questions

Its a very tough game to win large amounts on as the questions are tricky to say the least. In a typical round of eight questions there would usually be one or two questions on that day's events, so you need to have seen the papers or at least watched the news the day of the show. Its all live as well and I have seen questions asked at 9.30pm about events that happened only an hour or two earlier. These questions are often celebrity based so a quick glance at the Sun will not do any harm in this case.

There are usually only one or two questions about actual general knowledge such as "Which of these were built first" etc etc but the show, due to it being prime time, stays away from this area. first and foremost they are aiming at a wide market and do not want, nor recruit, contestants who may otherwise be seen on Mastermind etc. They are usually picking 25-35 year old couples or friends.

Most questions are what I call "debate" questions. Questions intended to get the contestant and viewers debating the answer as the content is usually something few people would know as a fact. This is ideal as it means viewers of all ages and abilities can scrap over answers and it makes for a fun quiz show.

All in all I really enjoy this programme and its ideal viewing for friends and families and you will definetly learn a thing or two whatever your ability!

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