Thursday, 16 February 2012

What kind of team player are you?

Unfortunately it is rare that I get to quiz in decent size teams, by this I mean 9 times out 10 its me attending the quiz with a partner who does not care for the questions as long as he/she is getting a pint and a bit chat. So usually I am playing alone. When I quiz alone I am decisive, not afraid to go with my gut feeling and clear. However my whole quizzing tactics change for the worse when in a team! Does anyone else feel this happens?

My decisive nature goes, I bow to the peer pressure of the team and it always always costs us. Typical example a few weeks ago…..”Who is the only player to have scored in Merseyside, Manchester and Glasgow Derbies?”….straight away I piped up with the answer of Andrei Kanchelskis. One of those questions I knew, and don’t know how I knew. I went to write the answer down but the team started to doubt and raised the issue of Bellamy. The team agreed on Bellamy, apart from me, but rather than standing my ground backed down….Bellamy was wrote down, the answer was of course Kanchelskis .

Is it the fear of being wrong when others are right that drives me to back down so easily? I don’t know but it makes me wonder why I do it in a quiz situation when everywhere else Im decisive and firm. Certainly something I have to improve upon when I soon start playing quiz leagues!

How do others perform in team quizzes? I have played with all sorts of people….people who will argue every answer and suggest alternatives even to obvious ones, people who think every question is a trick one, those who will go in the huff if we don’t take their answer because we know its wrong. Team quizzes create all sorts of dynamics but I for one fall into the all too familiar trap of being the one to back down even though most of the time I answer I forfeit is the right one.

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