Tuesday, 2 July 2013

All About History Magazine

I thought fellow quizzers (and not doubt history-buffs) would be interested to know there has been a new magazine launched in the UK entitled All About History and issue 1 is out now. I think it only came out on Friday so should be widely available and it is well worth a look. It is from the makers of the How it Works Magazine and presents bags of useful information that I intend to use (for both learning and setting questions) and above all else, it makes an interesting read.

I do enjoy the BBC History magazine too which is well worth reading but the styles are very different so it is hard to say which is better than the other.

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  1. Hey Dan,

    Since you're into magazines maybe you would like this too http://www.knowqout.com/

    It basically caters to Indian junta but has a bit of international information too.
    Ajay from India