Monday, 1 July 2013

LightSpeed Quiz - Round 4 - York

Yesterday was the second day of LightSpeed 2013 and this time it was a trip down to York for some buzzer action. I actually made a weekend of it and squeezed in time for a first visit to the National Railway Museum which was very enjoyable indeed.

In case you missed my earlier posts, LightSpeed is a buzzer quiz event which pits players against each other in a race to 25 with 2 points for a correct answer and 1 taken away for an incorrect early buzz.

I struggled last time as it was my first time on the buzzer and I quickly learned this is a completely different playing field and skill set than normal quizzing. I was much more comfortable this time, have a better idea of how and when to buzz and thus have a bit more confidence at buzzing. I will post my thoughts on the matches more when the videos go up as they will make more sense in that respect but overall it was very enjoyable!

I also had taken plenty of time to set buzzer-style questions and seem to have nailed it now! I enjoyed asking and setting nearly as much as I did playing which makes these events unique in that way.

The next event is in Bury, Manchester and I will put some more details up soon regarding that one!

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