Monday, 12 December 2016

North East Quiz Nights - Blagdon Arms, Cramlington

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Venue: The Blagdon Arms, Cramlington
Time/Date: Tuesdays from 8.30pm

If you are wondering why my North East Quiz Night reviews are focusing on Cramlington and Sunderland that is because, I live in Sunderland and my other half lives in Cramlington. I do intend to widen the scope soon once I have exhausted these two areas but anyway....

In the part of Cramlington considered the "Village", The Blagdon Arms hosts a quiz each Tuesday night at around 8.30pm. There usually tend to be 5-10 teams involved and it seems to be once of those quizzes where everybody knows everyone else, so its a very friendly atmosphere.

The format is fun, starting off with a picture round that doesn't just involve peoples places....outlines of flags, maps, film posters and all sorts have featured in recent weeks so it makes a nice change. There is also a music round which I am finding increasingly rare and its well pitched with 10 songs from a mixture of eras.

There are 5 rounds of questions with a loose theme (10 questions per round) and a Who Am I? round (You know the sort...starts with hard clues and works it's way down). There is a joker available to play (which you can do after the round for a change) and a jackpot questions.

It all flows well, a good range of teams and stiff competition and it all makes for a very good quiz night. There have been some terrific questions over the weeks I have been attending and I can't really fault it.

Current North East Quiz Nights Rankings -
1. The Plough, Cramlington - Wednesdays
2. Fitzgeralds, Sunderland - Thursdays
3. The Blagdon Arms, Cramlington - Tuesdays
4. The Willow Farm, Cramlington - Tuesdays
5. The Lambton Worm, Sunderland - Sundays

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