Thursday, 15 December 2016

North East Quiz Nights - The Ship Isis, Sunderland

Venue: The Ship Isis, Sunderland
Time/Date: Mondays from 8.30pm

The Ship Isis is one of the finest pubs in Sunderland. Great venue, fantastic ale and always a friendly atmosphere. Their quiz night runs each Monday and is one of the finest in the city.

It is put together by a player in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League so the questions are always well thought out and of a good standard. The night kicks off with a picture round and a music round, with the quizmaster often jigging things around to break from the norm. For example, when I last attended the picture round was of songwriters....the music round then involved identifying which of the faces wrote which of the songs. So for example...the picture was Billy Bragg and then during the music round he played Kirtsy MacColl's version of "A New England" and you had to attach the picture to the song. Great stuff!

The general knowledge questions are fun, interesting and challenging and with a jackpot round thrown in there are plenty of prizes to be won. Food is provided at the interval with games of Card bingo to add to the winning potential.

All in all, an excellent quiz night which I would highly recommend and that I aim to attend much more of in 2017.....even if it means quizzing alone! Great questions, great format and no visible cheating.....pretty much everything you need in a quiz night!

Current North East Quiz Nights Rankings -
1. The Plough, Cramlington - Wednesdays
2. The Ship Isis, Sunderland - Mondays
3. Fitzgeralds, Sunderland - Thursdays
4. The Blagdon Arms, Cramlington - Tuesdays
5. The Willow Farm, Cramlington - Tuesdays
6. The Lambton Worm, Sunderland - Sundays

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