Tuesday, 20 December 2016

North East Quiz Nights: The Dun Cow, Sunderland

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Venue: The Dun Cow, Sunderland
Time/Date: Sundays from 8pm

 The Dun Cow is another one of the superb Real Ale pubs in Sunderland. Located next to the Sunderland Empire Theatre it is a local gem, and the Quiz Night runs each Sunday from around 8pm. It is run by the same Sunderland Echo Quiz League player who takes charge of the Ship Isis Quiz Night on a Monday (See previous review).

It is essentially the same format with pictures, music and 30 general knowledge questions as well as a chance to win beer vouchers. In fact, reading it back, many of the comments I made about the Ship Isis quiz apply here. Its well thought out, every question is interesting and I certainly take something away from it. There is no cheating, fine ales and a good atmosphere.

I am told that when the upstairs of the pub, which was once a restaurant, returns to being part of the pub, the quiz will be moved upstairs which will make it even better, but either way, for good quality questions, there are no better quiz nights in the city centre on a Sunday!

Current North East Quiz Nights Rankings -
1. The Plough, Cramlington - Wednesdays
2. The Ship Isis, Sunderland - Mondays
3. Fitzgeralds, Sunderland - Thursdays
4. The Dun Cow, Sunderland - Sundays
5. The Plough Music Quiz, Cramlington - Sundays
6. The Blagdon Arms, Cramlington - Tuesdays
7. The Willow Farm, Cramlington - Tuesdays
8. The Lambton Worm, Sunderland - Sundays

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