Friday, 16 December 2016

Quiz Book of the Year

I often find it easy listing which Quiz Book I have enjoyed the most from the previous twelve months but this year there is a toss up between three very good books indeed.

The Telegraph Pub Quiz Book

Written by Gavin Fuller (who I believe is still the youngest Mastermind Champion?) this book collates 200 quizzes of 20 questions each from the Telegraph each week. A superb collection that I througholy enjoyed working through and each quiz taught me a number of things. Very little filler, some great questions and a good way to get your head round all those chestnuts that come up time and time again

The Mammoth Football Quiz Book

This seemed to slip under the radar a little when it was released this year. The title is rather offputting, but simply put, this is one of the most fun quiz books out there. The questions must have taken years to write as each one is crafted with thought and effort. I consider myself a good sports quizzer, and even better if its football, but every page had me thinking and kicking myself. When the first page of a quiz book has you racking your brains, and those brains are still being racked to the last, then you know its worthwhile. Don't let the title put you off!

The Times Quiz Book

This came out rather late in the year so at the time of writing I am only 30% our so through it. But when a quiz book is released by the European and World Quizzing Champion Olav Bjortmont you would be foolish to ignore it. Little more needs to be said other than quizzers of any level or interest will have fun with this title

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