Saturday, 11 February 2017

Book Suggestions

This has been on my shelf for some time and only just got around to reading it this week. Tom Bromley has wrote a number of fun books on 70's and 80's pop culture and they all are well worth seeking out. Wired for Sound covers the 1980s pop scene and within its pages are a treasure trove of good facts, stories and material for questions. It is written as Tom's account of the era so does have opinion etc within it. It's a fairly straight forward read that I certainly managed to get not only a few questions out of but enjoyed a lot.

Another book to recommend from my reading this year would be Adventures in Human Being by Gavin Francis. This is written by a former GP and takes a half informative/half personal tale through the human body. Containing everything from technical descriptions of how the body functions, to previous cultural and literal beliefs about the body down to some really gruesome, yet informative, tales of his own times in practice. Well worth a read!

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