Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Picture Quiz #1

A new feature om the blog, partly to help with my general rubbish-ness at Picture quizzes....can you identify the famous faces?

Answers in the comment box.....Let me know how many you got!

1.1. 1. Image result for tom brady              2. Image result for eddie cochran   3.  Image result for chuck berry

4. Image result for susie orbach      5. Image result for roman reigns

6. Image result for henry VII    7. Image result for martin van buren   8. Image result for witney eastenders


  1. 1. Tom Brady

    2. Eddie Cochran

    3. Chucky Berry

    4. Susan Orbach

    5. Roman Reigns

    6. Henry VII

    7. Martin Van Buren

    8. Shona Mcgarty