Thursday, 9 February 2017

Quiz Book Review

I went on something of an insane quiz book buying mission last year....the one thing I didn't manage to do was sit down and work my way through them. This year I have decided to try and work through as many of them as I can.

I think I picked up the Judith Keppel Quiz Book for about 20p from a Charity Shop. It contains 1000 multiple choice questions roughly split into 4 - Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Tough. It was released within the year Judith won the Big Prize on Millionaire and feels very rushed with some amusing mistakes. The other downside is the annoying layout with the answers at the back on large lists with just the letter of the answer listed. Annoying!

Out of the whole book I did pick up a few dozen good questions but on the whole, unless you see it for a similar price, it isn't worth going out of your way to track down.

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