Monday, 13 February 2017

Quiz Review - Southside Social Club, Easington Village

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Venue: Southside Social Club, Easington Village
Tuesday Nights
I have managed to do quite a bit of quizzing in 2017 thus far, but mainly at regular quizzes I attend so it has been a while since I added a new quiz review. Last Tuesday, I tried out the Southside Social Club quiz in Easington Village, a free to enter quiz which has been running a number of years.
The first thing to mention about this quiz is the simple format.....and for me, simple is often best. No complicated jokers, wipeout rounds or such like. Just a straight forward 50 question quiz with a picture round. And for that factor, I enjoyed it very much. The quiz is done and dusted in 70 minutes or so, with prizes of pint cheques for first, second and last and its a friendly cheat-free atmosphere.
There were only 4 teams competing this week, our team of 3 and then each of the other teams had upwards of 7 players so although teams were low, there were plenty of people actually in the pub.
The questions were basic pub quiz style questions, a few chestnuts and a wide selection of interesting "I should know this...." style questions. Players mark other teams papers (I always enjoy doing this to see what other people know/don't know and seeing where the quiz was won or lost) and its a straight forward, hassle free quiz night!
Well worth a look if you are in the area on Tuesday Nights.

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