Saturday, 2 September 2017

Quiz League Set B

As promised the second half of the Quiz League set I set from the Sunderland League a week or so ago...

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

Set by Chesters

Set B

Round 1 - B

1.       What surname is shared by the Author listed by Guinness world records as the bestselling novelist of all time and a serial killer hanged in 1953 for the murder of at least eight people?
2.       This European country has a population of just over 1.3 million and consists of a mainland and around 2,000 islands. It is bordered by Russia in the East and Latvia in the South and joined Nato as a full member in 2004. Name this country?
3.       Only two French players have scored more than 100 goals in the English Premier League. Thierry Henry is one….name the other?
Nicolas ANELKA
4.       Name either of the chemical elements to be named after asteroids.
Cerium or Palladium


Round 2- B

1.       Pierce Brosnan played James Bond in how many films?
2.       If you add together the symphony numbers of Mozarts “Prague Symphony” and Mahler’s “Titan” Symphony what number do you get?
39 (38 and 1)
3.       Which is the smallest and southernmost of the four main Balearic Islands?
4.       Tessa Sanderson is one of only 2 women to compete in 6 consecutive Olympic Games in track and field events. In which year did she make her Olympic debut?


Round 3 - B

1.       At which major tourist attraction in France would you find “Point Zero”, the point from which all French distances (especially those to and from Paris) are measured?
Notre Dame Cathedral
2.       Occurring in the 21st century, who was the last non-British, non-German winner of the Formula 1 World Championship?
3.       Who am I?  In 1971 I became the 4th playwright of the 20th century to be knighted. I served in the Royal Air Force during World War 2 as a tail gunner which inspired my work “Flare Path” and I shared a writing credit with Graham Greene on the 1947 film of Brighton Rock.
4.       To within a year either way, in which year was Theresa May born?
1956 (accept 1955-1957)








Round 4 – B

1.       Two word answer required…..which constituency was the first to declare their result in the 2017 General Election?
Newcastle Central
2.       What name is shared by a film which won the Best Picture at the Academy Awards, and a band who had their only UK number one hit in 1977?
3.       The third pillar of Islam is Zakat. What does Zakat oblige  people to do?
Give to Charity/the Poor
4.       Signed in 1985, the Schengen Agreement is named after a town in which country?


Round 5 - B

1.       The Dreamtime is the basis of the understanding of the world and the creation beliefs of which group of people?
2.       Interviewing over 900 witnesses and costing £150 million pounds, the inquiry by Lord Saville concluding in 1998, was the largest and most expensive enquiry in British legal history at the time. What infamous event was the inquiry looking into?
Bloody Sunday
3.       The Booker Prize winning novel “Rites of Passage” tells the tale of a 6 month voyage to which country?
4.       Also featuring in the name of a popular modern country band, which word refers to the period of American history and culture following the Revolutionary War but prior to the American Civil War?


Round 6 - B

1.       Pyrosis is the medical term for what common complaint?
2.       Lake Tanganyika, the world’s longest freshwater lake, is divided between 4 countries. Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo are 2. Name either of the others?
Zambia or Burundi
3.       What was the name of the round, brick, fortified gun positions, over a 100 of which were built in the early 19th century along the south coast of England to repel an expected invasion from Napoleon?
Martello Towers
4.       Which crime writer is the author of the “Women’s Murder Club” series including the books “1st to Die”,  “3rd Degree” “7th Heaven” and the latest in the series “15th Affair”?
James Paterson


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