Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Quiz Review - The Grange, Sunderland

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Venue: The Grange, Sunderland
Night: Tuesday - 9pm
The Grange is part of the "Sizzling" pub chain and I have known about their quiz night for some time, but being just outside the town I have always chosen to attend others for convenience. However, since moving recently this venue is now within walking distance and I decided to try it out last night.
The venue uses the RedTooth "Its Your Round" format (at least on a Tuesday as they do also advertise other quizzes on Wednesdays and a music quiz on Sundays). I am a fan of this format and indeed a fan of RedTooth which has for the last few years some of the best setters in the country producing quizzes for them.
In case you haven't sampled the format before in a nutshell you get - Picture Round, Current Affiars, Top 5 Rounds, GK Trivia Trail, Connections and a GK Wipeout Round.  I have spoken before about how well written the questions, and doing a similar set for an alternative company myself, I know how hard it is to get a balance right when you are writing for several different venues. But as always the quiz was spot on. It was the first time my non quizzing (and very tolerant) other half has played a RedTooth and she enjoyed it more than some of the quizzes she has played over the years.
It's a typical "bar man turns quiz host" for the night style affair but there was no obvious cheating (the scores indicated that) and a nice £30 meal voucher for first prize. He did not announced the prizes but 2nd place was also given a voucher of some value.
The night ends off with a Card Bingo session that had a £128 jackpot last night. All in all, a fun, cheat free night of quizzing with the usual high quality of RedTooth questions.
Tip: If you download the Green Card App you can get yourself a free beer at the Sizzling Venues!

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