Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Useful Podcasts for Quizzing - Great Lives

Over the next few weeks I am going to post up some links to some of the best podcasts currently available that are either directly Trivia focused or are extremely helpful/interesting to quizzers. Many of which you will have heard of and be avid listeners of, but as a huge podcast fan, I know it can be time consuming finding consistently good shows. Hopefully I can help you find one or two more...

I am going to start with one that I am sure you have come across before...Great Lives from the BBC. The link to the shows site is HERE

Each show, as the title suggests, involves an expert, a famous-fan and the presenter discussing the life of a famous figure. The sheer breadth of personalities they have covered over the years is astounding and the show is always consistent with high quality, fact driven discussion.

There is many a time, since I started listening to this religiously, that I have been able to scrape out answers in quizzes because of what I had heard on the show. The archive is huge (currently standing at around 420 episodes on the iplayer radio app/site) all of which can be downloaded for ease of use.

I will recommend many podcasts over the coming weeks that are worth trying, but very few will exceed this in terms of usefulness to quizzing.

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