Thursday, 6 June 2013

Current Affairs

As promised here a few questions to refresh your mind on some events of the past week. I hope to continue these regularly!

Answers in the comment box....

1. Which internet entrepreneur married his partner, Alexander Lenas this week?

2. Which bank was in the news for controversially appointing ex-MI5 office Jonathan Evans to a Directors position this this week?

3. Which company sponsored Saturdays Epsom Derby?

4. Which British cyclist was forced to withdraw from the Tour De France this week?

5. Which Brazilian did Barcelona pay around £31 million for this week?

6. The Fuel band has been in the news this week after as the latest craze in keep fit. Which company makes it?

7. Which British band played a record breaking gig in the middle of Milan at the Piazza Del Lumo this week attracting over 100,000 fans?

8. Mark Hughes was appointed as the manager of which Premier League Club this week?

9. Which English player was punched by, and then tried to punch, club team-mate Schalk Britts in the Lions opening match against the Barbarians this week?

10. Which gallery, named after a famous artists, was awarded the prize of Museum of the Year this week?

11. In which country are the UEFA Under-21 European Championships taking place which kicked off this week?

12. It was announced this week that the literature prize once know as the Orange Prize will now be renamed after which drink?

13.Who has been appointed the new Children's Laureate?


  1. 1. Sean Parker
    2. HSBC
    3. Investec
    4. Bradley Wiggins
    5. Neymar
    6. Nike
    7. Kasabian
    8. Stoke City
    9. Owen Farrell
    10. William Morris Gallery
    11. Israel
    12. Baileys Prize
    13. Maloire Blackman

  2. Hey Daniel,

    Typo alert: Sean Parker's partner is Alexandra Lenas rather than Alexander.
    Keep posting the current affairs questions.Good quiz prep!
    Cheers - Ewan