Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Stumble Inn - Quiz

I noticed on Facebook this week that The Stumble Inn Pub in Sunderland were pushing a number of quizzes they have started to hold throughout the week. Usually my Wednesday nights are taken up with league matches so noticing that the venue was hosting a "Pop/Music and Entertainment" quiz last night, I decided to try it out. 

For those in the area The Stumble Inn is about a 5 minute walk from Sunderland city centre on Chester Road. It is a nice little pub, a fine selection of ales, well decorated and very welcoming. As well as Wednesday Quiz Nights they are hosting a GK Quiz on a Sunday, Buskers on  a Thursday and live bands on a Saturday. Plenty going on!

But I was there for the quiz and it kicked off at 8.30 with around 6 teams. Not a bad showing if this quiz, is as I suspect, rather new. It opens with a picture round where stills were shown from TV's and Movies and you simply had to name the programme or film. Nice range of pictures and some toughies (relied on team mates knowing Robins Nest and until the last second had confused Man about the House with Bless this House). 

There were 4 rounds of 10 questions with a music round thrown in the middle. The first few rounds were a nice simple set of questions, dropped one point by confusing Gaelic Football player numbers (schoolboy error!).The Music round would have been tough but one team member is something of an expert (not a quizzer as such just a man who knows a heck of a lot of songs!). Throw in half time nibbles, a prize for getting the anagram out of the artists in the music round and there is plenty happening.

The last two rounds became more difficult with a very tough film round (Naming the character in Catch me if you can played by Leonardo Di Caprio being one I couldn't even guess at). It finished off with Pot Luck and we managed to win by a decent amount.

Above all it was an enjoyable quiz and I will certainly be trying the GK quiz out here on Sunday.

Worth a look! 

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