Sunday, 2 June 2013

World Quizzing Championships 2013

Yesterday players from all across the globe (140+ countries I believe) took part in the World Quizzing Championships. I was at the venue in Masham, North Yorkshire. A lovely little village, a nice town hall and a spacious venue to quiz. I understand it was a very difficult (and costly) for many quizzers to attend but there were around 90 people there.

At the present moment I cannot say a great deal about the quiz itself, my score or my performance as due to time differences etc (and the possibility some players are playing today) then we cannot divulge much until after midnight.

The results are coming in for the top players though and the Top 20 is changing constantly although it looks as it Pat Gibson (Eggheads) has won by a few clear points. It is nice to see a diverse Top 20 so far with players from all across the venues (from USA to Estonia!) scoring highly.

It was a tough but enjoyable quiz and once the results are in I will make some more comment. I would love to hear feedback from anyone else who took the quiz, particularity in venues outside the UK!

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