Wednesday, 5 June 2013

World Quiz Championships - Reflections

As I mentioned earlier in the week I attended the World Quiz Championships on Saturday in Masham. Now that results have been published I can have a little reflection on my own performance.

I scored 82 points over the whole quiz which was enough to land me 65th Place in the overall UK and Ireland standings which words cannot express how happy I am with. Last year was my first major quizzing event at the WQC and I did not even score half that amount and barely beat anyone in the UK. This year I managed to beat other quizzers who usually beat me by about 20-30 points which I am over the moon with.

The general feeling about the World Quiz Championships tends to suggest that it was a hard quiz. I would agree in part but I tend to do better, placing wise, on harder quizzes. Last years World Quiz Championships for instance was considered by some "too" easy but due to my relative lack of experience I miss the "easier" or "chestnut" type questions, of which there were very few at this years World Quiz Championships.

Over the 8 papers I score highest on History and (due to the fact that you "drop" a paper) scored lowest on Science due to not giving it as much time. 1 hour to do 120 questions, something has gotta give! I usually score highest in Sport but it was a tough paper. A couple of daft mistakes (Trent Razor instead of Trent Reznor, Savuka instead of Sanuka, Pirates of the the Caribbean instead of Lego Pirates of the the Caribbean) but overall when I look back at the whole paper there isn't much I feel I should have got.

Pat Gibson of Eggheads/Mastermind/Millionaire fame has won the event as the whole by the looks of things so congratulations to Pat on becoming World Quiz Champion as well as an additional thankyou to the IQA for an enjoyable event!

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