Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lightspeed Quiz: York 30th June 2013

Taken from the Lightspeed Quiz page on Facebook.....(Posted by Steve Kidd)

This is the next event in the  LightSpeed Quiz season which I have been posting videos of lately. Very much enjoyed my first foray into Buzzing Quiz and I will be there in York on the 30th June for another go!

"Great News: Sunday the 30th we are at The Graduate, right next to the Lendal Bridge, smack dab between York Railway Station (c 500m) and York Minster (c 300m), across the road from the Museum and 20 yards from The River Ouse.
Now: there is no pub car parking, but on-street will cost you a couple of quid if you can find it, but York has a bangin' Park and ride service with busses every ten minutes. Rawcliffe Bar Park and Ride on the ring road will take you to a stop outside the pub

So: We have a world heritage site, great transport, one of the best museums in the country over the road and the awesome Railway museum around the corner, overseen by the finest example of Gothic Architecture this side of the River Rhine, in our own little corner with a beer garden and....

BEER IS £2.09 A PINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never has a statement demanded 20 exclamation marks."

Email me if you have any questions and Ill pass it on to Steve.

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