Tuesday, 23 September 2014


1.       The 1976 Prime Minister’s Resignation Honours became known satirically as what?


2.       Television: Ken Russell’s 1968 TV work “Songs of Summer” is a biography of which composer?


3.       Her father was the first to identify Munchausen’s Syndrome and she was briefly engaged to Paul McCartney. Which British actress am I talking about?


4.       In 1902, who became the first German to win the Nobel prize for Literature?


5.       Window  Cleaner, Pop Performer, Driving Instructor, Holiday Camp. What is the connection?


6.       Helena Bonham Carter is the great granddaughter of which former British Prime Minister?


7.       Who played Cosmo Topper in “Topper” (1953-56) and Alexander Waverly in “The Man from U.N.C.L.E” (1964-1968)?


8.       Who was the first British solo artist to win a Grammy Award and the first British female pop singer to have a number one hit single in the USA?


9.       Who famously played Edith Keeler in the much-admired episode of Star Trek “The City on the Edge of Forever” (1966)


10.   Who is the most capped player in Team Europe in the upcoming Ryder Cup?
1.       The Lavender List
2.       Frederick Delius
3.       Jane Asher
4.       Mommsen
5.       Confessions of….
6.       Asquith
7.       Leo G Carroll
8.       Petula Clark
9.       Joan Collins
10.   Lee Westwood

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