Sunday, 7 September 2014

This Week I Didn't Know...

Picture Round

It was 7 teams of at least five players against the two of us this week so very little hope of making inroads into the picture round. As mentioned, taking up almost a third of the quiz means this round is vital and although the 3 obscure misses were justifiable, the missed below really cost us...


This was the exact picture used. Totally went in the wrong direction.


I hate missing ones like this (the woman is who is needed!). New the film, made a mental note of the author as I imagine that will come up from time to time but totally ignorant of the stars of the movie!


Knew I had seen this guy in a lot of US Shows. Remember him from Charmed especially but his no where near.

1. Kathy Kirby
2. Shailene Woodley
3. Julian Mcmahon


Had a good week questions wise so nothing really stands out other than the following...

1. Which musician was born Phillippe Pages in Paris in 1953?

Resorted to guess work based on the date. Given a thousand guesses I still wouldn't have got a point.

2. Which movie was John Wayne in the middle of making when he won his Oscar for True Grit?

Pfffttt was my response. What a terrible question and unless there is some anecdote or reason I should have known this, then I will stick by the fact its a bad questions. Guess a John Wayne film released roughly a few months after his Oscar win.

1. Richard Clayderman
2. Rio Lobo

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