Friday, 12 September 2014

This Week I Didn't Know....

Picture Rounds

Brutal one this week and we didn't do too badly. However, the misses below as usual set us back but luckily we had done enough on the questions!


Went down totally the wrong route on this and was trying to think of her name based on the fact she presented GMTV at some stage.....which she never did!


Never close.......When given the answer I had heard her name and knew her major song, but can't recall ever seeing a picture of her until this.


Very similar picture used minus the trophy....maybe that would have helped! Usually good on sport and this is certainly the picture I spent most time on during this round! Grrrr...


Particularly annoyed. Was shown a photo of her at about this age in the quiz. I got the Mastermind question about her last week as well as a question in a book I was working through but couldn't recognise her!

1. Fay Ripley
2. Demi Lovato
3. Louis Oosthuizen
4. Diana Rigg


Strong week this week so only a few errors along the way...

1. The Augusta Golf course famously features a tree dedicated to which American president?

Sport being a strong point for me I couldn't get to this answer! All those years watching the Masters and it obviously didn't stick. I imagine this may well be a chestnut that I have missed.

2.  In which English county are St Cuthbert’s Head and Thirlwall Castle?

Last question of the night and just didn't ring any bells at all

1. Dwight E Eisenhower
2. Northumberland


  1. Would have got Fay Ripley and Northumberland. None of the others.

  2. Missed 1 & 2 on the pictures got the rest, although the Eisenhower tree is no more, it was chopped down earlier in the year. If you'd already researched this just ignore me :)