Saturday, 6 September 2014

Week in Quizzing....

Good luck to anybody is taking part in the British Quiz Championships today. For a variety of reasons I was unable to attend either the venue in Kettering or Edinburgh which was a shame as I was hoping to improve on my 28th placing at last years event. The BQA do sell the questions after the event so I will of course try and get hold of a set to see where I would have came.....not quite the same though.


Only Connect returned this week on BBC2. No sign of dumbing down as some people feared and "cckndcck" produced an interesting answer in the missing vowels rounds. One minor niggle about the show....recently they have started setting questions that are nigh on impossible to get for 5. Perfect example this week "Suriname"....I liked the question but there were better ways of writing it. The setters have been defending this point on facebook by saying they are balanced out across the episodes but in a game where contestants pick their own 3 questions per round I fail to see how this is a valid excuse.

Still, not one to moan, Only Connect remains weekly appointment viewing.


On the subject of TV quizzing there was a cracking episode of The Chase that aired on Thursday night. The Chase started with a new run of shows this week and Thursdays episode was one of my favourites of recent series. I won't spoil it too much as it is well worth watching on the ITV player.


Reading this week has varied as I am trying to strengthen up on some weak areas.

This is a cracking Kindle title (under £2) and gives some great biographical information on key Nobel Prize winners. Certainly have taken a lot from this.

This has been on my reading desk for some time. In continued struggle I try and improve my knowledge of animals. One subject I find harder more than others to get a good grasp of! This book certainly has helped!

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