Friday, 19 September 2014

This Week I Didn't Know...

Based on a different quiz this week hence why there are less pictures. With only 10 Celebrities to identify only one was missed meaning we didn't loose as much ground as usual....A pretty successful quiz this week!

Picture Round


Quite an annoying miss too.....


1. Micha Barton


1.What is FORTRAN?

Did mention the correct answer, our guess was however no where near.

2. "Michaelwood Services" are located on which motorway?

Yawn. Rather dull question and I am bad on motorways at the best of times so it was a guessy guessy question that went wrong

3. Who famously wrote the comedic book "Banjaxed"?

Again nothing to go on. This could have been a good question if written correctly (you will notice when you see the answer).


1. A Computer Language
2. M5
3. Terry Wogan

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