Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pressure Pad

Pressure Pad

The second series of the BBC show Pressure Pad has recently came to an end, and having rather enjoyed it myself, I am interested to know the views of others?

I remember enjoying the first series and was pleased, and not surprised, to see it back for another go. So many quiz shows these days get an initial outing and never see the light of day again. The BBC are a little more persistent with these than ITV however. The second series of Pressure Pad brought with it new game modes and overall a better range of question setting. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the series. A couple of points worth mentioning - 

I think the show is a little long and there is too much chit chat. Luckily, I watch this entirely on Iplayer as I am out of the house when the show airs live, plus I no longer have a Sky plus box since moving. I would find it rather dull sitting through all the post-game and end-game chats!

The other issues is a more touchy one....the standard of contestants. My suspicions about the recruitment policy for this show began when they dropped a team of experienced quizzers at the last minute when due to record series 1. It has became obvious from the show that they aren't looking for top disrespect to anyone who has been on the show so please don't take it the wrong way if you have.

The way some of the rounds work and the style of questions would make for some very long games if two top level quizzers went head to head. There was a round in the latter episodes of last series which involved naming Us states based on their capitals.....two top quizzers would have easily got all 25 (it was one go each) and hence there would be no questions left! 

In saying that, some of the rounds would be brilliant with better players involved. Too often, great games modes with interesting categories ended too early due to a lack of knowledge amongst the players. Think about good quality quizzers going head to head on the list rounds, or the round where you have to answer 4 correct questions in the quickest time? This would surely make for good TV!

Anyway, I will certainly still with watching the show as there is still plenty in there for me to enjoy but it is a little bit of a missed opportunity I feel. A good format that is let down by casting policies.

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  1. We were the team who got dropped after originally being given a slot for the first series. Despite that I quite like the format. The standard of questions has improved in the 2nd series, but the standard of contestant hasn't. I was watching through my fingers recently as some poor guy said 'Pass' in response to the question 'What is the name of the star at the centre of our solar system?' and ventured 1905 for the year of the Battle of Trafalgar. As you say it would be interesting to see 2 strong teams take on each other in this format.