Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Top 10 - Most Useful Reference Books 2014 #10

Some of you may remember the feature I ran from last year counting down the Top 10 Reference books I found most useful across the year. With just about ten weeks left of the year it's time for the countdown to start again. Running concurrently with this will be the Top 10 Quiz Books of the year.

Lets start then with...


Over the last few years this book has taken pride of place on my book shelve. The World Almanac and Book of Facts turns up under my Xmas tree every year and 12 months later it has been studied from cover to cover. Although the book is American and you can discount about 100-150 pages on regional American politics, the rest is quiz gold. Reviews of the year, up to date lists of winners of major prizes, features on major stories of the year. It works two fold, both as a reference work in general and as a review of the year. It runs pretty much up to date, for a Almanac, and usually facts are included right up until publication date (this case being December 2013-November 2014).

Ideal for dipping into, well laid out and a great addition to the book shelf!

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