Sunday, 12 October 2014

Week in Quizzing

Just a few updates for this week.

Fifteen to One is returning tomorrow (Monday 13th October) for the second series since its relaunch. Everything seems to have been retained for the first series earlier in the year including running times etc so I am very much looking forward to that!


The addition of the new Egghead, Lisa, to the long running BBC 2 show has been the subject of much social media discussion. With her debut week over the hoorah seems to have calmed down a little and the show is as still enjoyable as ever. I am not sure if they have some new setters in, but there have been some cracking questions this week. Well worth catching up on the player.


The Twitter feed continues to grow. Thank you to any readers who follow and I reached 1,000 followers this week which I was happy about.

The second ebook is selling well and thank you for all the positive feedback. I intend to get the next one out just after Xmas.


Speaking of books. The National Quiz Team (Pat Gibson, Olav Bjortmont, David Stainer and Kevin Ashman) have put of a quiz book. Entitled The Only Quiz Book You Will Ever Need it was released on Thursday in both Kindle and Paperback editions.

The Kindle Edition is very well put together and at half the price, that is the one I went for.

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  1. Hi Daniel, the National Quiz Team book is indeed very good. I have the hard copy version as I prefer the old style but I may get the kindle version as well as I like to import the questions into excel. I also have the Pointless book which if you like the show is also good. Paul