Friday, 24 October 2014

Top 10 Most Useful Quiz Books 2014 #10

Running along with the Top 10 countdown of the most useful reference books of the past 12 months I am also going to be looking at some of the most useful quiz books! Again, with just about 10 weeks of the year to go I intend to have the countdown running at one per week. And we will start with..


The University Challenge Quiz Book

Some TV tie in titles are very disappointing but in the range of books I have tied into University Challenge, none fit that mould! This is the latest title in the series and contains a wide range of questions from the show and beyond. I have slowly worked my way through this all year and picked up a heck of a lot of information, ideas for further reading and great questions that have come in handy across all types and formats of quizzing.

Well worth picking up and also an ideal gift for quizzing fans!

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