Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Chase USA - Begins on Challenge - Monday 8pm

I struggled to find many of the episodes of The Chase USA online but really enjoyed the ones I did come across. Hence I was pleased to see the show starting on Challenge TV here in the UK on Monday at 8pm. I guess the only downside being it clashes with OC/UC......thank goodness for Plus 1 channels!

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  1. There weren't that many episodes made in the first place, although I agree with you that I wish more were online since I don't have GSN. You will probably also observe a large dropoff in the quality of contestant from season 1 to the other seasons because the quizbowl community flooded the applications for the first season before many were banned after Raj Dhuwalia's dominant final chase. There was also apparently something that happened off camera in a green room with another notable quizzer that caused them to use the replacement player instead on the show.