Saturday, 3 January 2015

Guest Quiz - Kudos Pub Quizzes

Kudos Pub Quizzes have provided me with a guest quiz for this week. Again, moving into more serious setting work I have come into contact with a significant number of quiz companies, some better and more pleasant than others but Trevor over at Kudos Quizzes as been extremely helpful.

You can find the Kudos Website HERE and I will have some more information on them in the coming weeks. For now enjoy the sample questions they have put together...

Guest Quiz of Ten Example Questions:

Qu 1: Persons with which four occupations are mentioned in the Beatles song "Penny Lane"?

Ans: Barber, banker, nurse and fireman

Qu 2: The pink, six-wheeled Rolls-Royce called FAB1 is mostly driven by which fictional character?

Ans: Parker (in Thunderbirds)

Qu 3: According to the 1896 song what do "All the cops in the doughnut shop say?"

Ans: "Walk like an Egyptian" (by the Bangles)

Qu 4: According to the book "Guinness World Records", what is the world's all-time best-selling book (excluding non-copyright works such as the Bible)?

Ans: Guinness World Records

Qu 5: If you shaved a tiger would it still be striped?

Ans: Yes

Qu 6: Why were the 1908 Olympic Games, originally given to Rome, moved to London?

Ans: Mount Vesuvius erupted

Qu 7: African elephant's tusk size has halved since the mid 19th century. What has led to natural selection for shorter tusks?

Ans: Poaching/hunting for ivory

Qu 8: What is a jingling johnny?

Ans: A musical instrument

Qu 9: Which England footballer won his first 50 caps without once completing 90 minutes in any match?

Ans: Jermain Defoe

Qu 10: What caused a national shortage of 100-yen coins in Japan in the late seventies, prompting an increase in production?

Ans: The release of the Space Invaders arcade game

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