Thursday, 8 January 2015

Interview - Kudos Pub Quizzes

Might make some interesting for any budding writers out there or for those seeking to have a little more information on how a pub quiz setting company operates.

This is a quick interview with Kudos Pub Quizzes who provided us with a great guest quiz last week. Just a quick reminder you can find their site HERE

Tell us a little bit about Kudos Pub Quizzes.

We are a one-stop supplier of pub quizzes for use by any establishment that presents regular or occasional pub quizzes. In addition to quiz questions we provide duplicate answer sheets, promotional posters, an electronic team scoresheet and other resources that help to make a great quiz night.

It’s a crowded market, what makes Kudos Pub Quizzes different to the other companies out there?

As regular quiz players ourselves, we have the passion, knowledge and experience required to provide a great pub quiz service. Our questions are interesting, up-to-date and well researched. We believe that our quality and price combination is the best available.

How has the pub quiz market changed in recent years?

Like most pub games, their appeal tends to be their traditional style of game-play. We don’t see new electronic question and answer technology taking over from old-fashioned pen and paper pub quizzes any time soon.

That said, with the advent of new technology pubs now face the challenge of making their quiz questions hard to look-up with a smartphone. We aim to make our quizzes as Googleproof as possible, find out how to do this here:

What are your favourite questions you have ever written?

We like to occasionally use questions with surprising answers to keep people on their toes, here’s a couple of examples:

Q: What is the name of Tarzan's monkey companion that appears in seven of the novels? A: Nkima (not Cheeta, who is an ape)

Q: What are the only two primates that live in the wild in Europe? A: Barbary macaque (on Gibralta) and humans (widespread).

If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject?

Hard to say as we cover a full range of questions and have all round quiz knowledge. In the first round I’d go for The Who and in the second round, geography of the British Isles.

What are Kudos' plans for the future?

Mainly just to carry on doing the same as we are doing now but to do it even better. We value customer feedback very highly, so customers will get the service that best suits their needs in the future.

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