Sunday, 11 January 2015

Week in Quizzing

I hope 2015 has started well for you.....where does the time go!

I will start with the news you may have heard regarding the renewal of Fifteen to One for a third series since its return last year. Very goods news for viewers and potential contestants alike and I will post a full brief for Series 3 later in the week but simply all you need to do is email I couldn't make the audition last year but hopefully will have better luck this time around.

I have been playing catch up with most of the main TV shows this week as things get back to normal after the Xmas break. I have managed to catch a few episode of Eggheads which threw up some very good contests with some great questions this week. I know some people are tired of the Eggheads formula and a lot of quizzers no longer give it the time of day, but since the return of CJ and addition of Lisa, Eggheads has certainly changed and in my view its a change for the better. I will do a post later in the week about the show but do you still watch Eggheads? What are your thoughts on the return of CJ and addition of Lisa?

Only Connect, University Challenge, Mastermind, Pointless, Brain of Britain, Eggheads and The Chase continue to run strong as 2015 begins so there is plenty to get wrapped up over the course of the next few weeks. It was good to read this weeks that in the weeks leading up to Xmas, when The Chase was the lead in show for The X Factor, that is was regularly out rating Dr Who. Not that I look into people's windows, but taking a 40 minute bus ride home every day all you can see glaring out on the TV screens is The Chase!

The setting continues to go well and I have various projects I am working on at the moment. I have been enjoying the Youtube quizzes and intend to make more so keep an eye out on the blog for that.

The Twitter also keeps on growing (@quizaddictblog) and I am finding it a very useful resources. I intend some day to put a big list up on the blog of useful twitter feeds as there are some great ones out there worth following that are tucked away.

Finally, my reading this week has been mixed and I want to recommend a book -

Atlantic - Simon Winchester

Picked this up from Amazon after stumbling across it whilst searching for Winchesters book on the Oxford English Dictionary. And I am so glad I added it to my basket! Winchester has put together a near 500 page tome that chronicles the Atlantic Ocean covering every aspect from explorers, discoveries, battles, islands, peoples and geographical features. In a nutshell.....essential quizzing knowledge. It reads superbly and covers all the bases quiz wise and more. Couldn't have started my yearly reading any better. HIGHLY recommended!

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