Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lack of Quiz Advertising

Anyone who follows the blog will know that recently I moved from Sunderland to South Shields and after building up a steady circuit of quizzes in Sunderland, I have yet to managed to find regular slots in the pubs of South shields to quiz.

The main problem is pubs and the total lack of advertising. The local papers and online directories tend to list out of date information and a few times I have relied on this, turned up and found the quiz isn't on. Trawling through the web I tend to find Facebook pages with no contact information, websites that have details and never reply to comments, wrong phone numbers, information that claims there is a quiz and when you ring you discover its not on.

I must have struck lucky in Sunderland as I found 4-5 good weekly quizzes within the space of a few weeks of moving there, but South Shields is a much tougher nut to crack.

Is this common around the country? Do other quizzers find it hard to discover local venues?

It is very frustrating indeed!

Quiz Britain, the app and website which was launched in the last few years, has a good premise of keeping an up to date log of quizzes in the UK but even then it has not got a wide range of coverage in the North East.

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