Friday, 13 February 2015

Next week the quiz will be based on.....

I have been trying all sorts of my quizzes out in 2015 since my move to South Shields and have found some unique and rather odd means of quizzing.

The latest happened last week in a music round. I have mentioned on the blog before that because I tend to quiz in small teams, the audio music round is one in which I tend to suffer. I have improved this by broadening my listening, spotifying and doing several music quizzes on youtube and such like but this is definitely one area its hard to revise.

Anyway, the quiz was going quite last week. An opening round on General Knowledge had boosted us into a nice lead, the picture round was flag-based which was a maximum pointer and following the sports and 1990s TV round we were in a nice lead.

The music round was second from the end (odd placing for it too?) and I was confident that even if we scored 4 or 5 out of 10 we would still win. "Okay Ladies and Gentleman, the next round is the music round and as you may recall from last week, all this weeks songs were featured on the latest episode of Sara Cox's Sounds of the we go".

So basically, every week at this quiz the quizmaster announces that he will be taking the following weeks music round from a particular radio show. So unless I listen to Sounds of the Sixties tomorrow morning my hopes of winning next weeks quiz are dramatically reduced.

What do you make of such an idea? Telling your audience what to revise/listen to for next week...good idea bad idea? My general though is its awful!

First and foremost does increase my chances of winning. The music round will always let me down and with it being such a vital part of this particular quiz, any clues will help meaning that as long as myself and my other half devote some time to listen to the show in question we should improve our chances of winning. But that doesn't detract from the fact that I think its a terrible way to run things.

Not only does it hinder casual players, it gives the quiz a whole "exclusive" feel and means that people who play for fun, as we all do, are then told what they may want to listen to for the next week.

Although the quiz was good, it will massively put me off going unless I was to go every week and the Tuesday Night is a competitive choice for quizzes and little things like this matter!

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  1. I stick the picture round for mine online two hours before the quiz with suggestions of topics they might like to research before coming. The number of people attending, scoring highly and feeling like they can win has increased and consequently the crowd is happier. The more serious quizzers dislike it - and tell me they don't look online - but the vast majority do. I suspect your quiz master is doing the same as me, appealing to the masses over the few more serious quizzers, who will most likely win each week if not for the hints given out to help level the playing field.