Wednesday, 25 February 2015


In the years I have been running The Quiz Addict I have opened a debate on Redtooth several times and the company always seems to split opinion. As far as I can gather the company continues to go from strength to strength and as I continue to try out new quizzes on a regular basis, several tend to be Redtooth based.

The quiz I am referring to throughout this is the "Its Your Round" style they produce whereby you get the pictures, current affairs, connections etc etc. From my experience this is the most popular and common style pubs purchase and it is by far the best Redtooth format.

What are other people's opinions? And for those of you who are dead set against Redtooth, please read on....

In recent years the company has recruited experienced, high ranking and well known quizzers to ensure the questions and quizzes they sell to pubs around the country are of a good quality. And the difference has been very noticeable! From what they used to be the Red Tooth quizzes have improved massively and now, instead of sighing went I walk into a quiz and realise its Red Tooth, I am confident its going to be fun.

Like every quiz the Redtooth sets have their hits and misses, but considering the size of the tasks and considering they have such a large audience to please, they do a stellar job.

I would be very interested to hear the opinions of others on the Redtooth quizzes then and now.

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