Monday, 16 February 2015

TriviaBug App

The various app stores on smartphones/tablets these days are littered with hundreds upon hundreds of Quiz and Trivia apps. Whether it be official TV tie ins, niche quizzes or General Knowledge quizzes, there is something for everyone. TriviaBug, recently released on all major platforms, happens to be one of the finest of the bunch.

My main problem with many apps is that they tend to use the multiple choice route or the route of giving you the letters that make up the answers and you just have to re-arrange them. TriviaBug tries a different route. Each answers has three clues starting with the most obscure leading to the most common. 3 points if you guess correctly after 1 clue and 1 point if you need all three.

The thing I really like about this game is that it leaves it up to the player. You don't need to type anything, select an answer or such like. You just hit "Show Answer" when you are ready and then you have to tick or cross whether you got it right or wrong. Simples! There is no point in fabricating answers or correct points as its simply a game against yourself and its a refreshing change in a crowded quiz app market.

The game has fantastic questions and is clearly well written and put together by a team who know about quizzing. The difficulty is pitched just right, the questions are varied and there are plenty of add on packs to buy. TriviaBug is not just an app of 10000's of questions generically and randomly put together, its a well thought out and intelligent app that quizzers will love.

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