Wednesday, 11 October 2017

BBC Quiz Books

Posting up a few days ago about my enjoyment of the BBC Question of Sport book got me checking back through some of the other BBC Books in my collection and I thought I would suggest a few.

Still about my favourite is the Mastermind quiz book. Containing thousands of questions spread across General Knowledge and Specialist Subject rounds, the book contains questions from both the TV show and ones written for the book. The specialist subject rounds tend to me more accessible than on the TV show with broader themes at play.

Pretty much as above is the University Challenge Book which contains a raft of Questions in the style of the show (Starts then 3 bonuses) that have appeared on the show and some that have been written for the book. This is not the sort of book to just casually flick through but really tests your knowledge of the type of subject areas you see on the show. Took me a good while to get through but was certainly worth it!

Next for two music books....The Old Grey Whistle Test Book and the 6 Music Quiz book. Both as good as each other and both have improved my musical knowledge a lot, both via the questions themselves and encouraging me to go away and research the bands/artists I hadn't heard of. Both books contain a range of question styles and right from the off will have you thinking.

Finally, and most recently, is the superb Brain of Britain book which I have great fun working through in recent weeks. Full of great questions, in a much easier to use format than some!

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