Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Pub Quiz Questions #2

As promised, the next in what should be a regular series of questions over the next few months....Answers tomorrow

1.       The films 3:10 to Yuma,  Get Shorty  and Out of Sight, as well as the FX TV show Justified, are based on the works of which crime writer who died in August 2013?
2.       Formed in 2001 in Chicago, which band are fronted by Patrick Stump who released their debut album “Take This To Your Grave” in 2003 and got their name from a character who appeared in the Simpsons?
3.       Football: Who is the only player to have scored over 10 penalties in the Premier League and still maintain a 100% scoring record?
4.       In which county would you find the Cerne Abbas Giant?
5.       Which is the highest mountain in Northern Ireland?
6.       One of the five pillars of Islam, what does Zakat involve?
7.       The recreational lake known as The Serpentine is located in which London Park?
8.       Which pop group had reservations on the infamous “Lockerbie Flight”, having to cancel at the last minute due to studio sessions overrunning?
9.       In the TV Series Doctor Foster, what is the first name of Doctor Foster?
10.   Vince Clarke had Top 5 singles as a member of 4 different groups. Name them?

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