Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Book Suggestion

I stumbled across "The Title" by accident on Amazon, just released this year. It is a very good, fact filled look back at the pre-Premier League era of the First Division, written in an entertaining manner from Scott Murray (who according to the book writes for the Guardian). Certainly picked up a lot of facts and question material about the early days of the league. Who was the first team to win the league and won every game at home along the way? Who was the first person to win the league title with two different clubs? All these questions answered and more.

Well worth it for football fans and quizzers alike, and an ideal Xmas gift...

Speaking of ideal Xmas gifts and books that are a great read for Football fans, the benchmark is still "The Ball is Round". Not only one of the best Football books on the market, but one of the most enjoyable titles I have read full stop...

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