Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Books of the Month

January has been a busy month but I have managed to get through a few excellent book titles that I wanted to mention.

The first is Jonathan Eigg's recent biography "Ali".  As a huge boxing fan, and knowing in the past the sheer amount of Ali based questions I have got wrong, I thought it might help me quizzing wise but also the book has rave reviews. Simply put, this is one of the finest biographies, and most enjoyable non-fiction books, I have read in years. I am struggling to think of a biography I have enjoyed more. Yes, it has been useful for the quizzing purposes mentioned above, but even without that and even if you know everything about Ali already, I am sure than anyone who enjoys a good biography will enjoy this...

Another great biography I have just finished is Robert Capa: Blood and Champagne. An easy to read concise and straight forward account of Capa's live from the people who knew him and spent time with him. From the travels around wars, to the high profile acquaintances and the founding of Magnum, this kept me engaged throughout.

Finally, "Symbols: A Universal Language" by Joseph Piercy, is a short (under 2 hours in all) book covering a range of symbols we see everyday and looking at where they came from and providing interesting facts that have helped me devise a great number of questions. Although some of the book you will already know about (the origins of the Bluetooth symbol) for example, there is a ton of other information about symbols you will see every day that may be news to you...

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