Friday, 26 January 2018

Latest set for the Sunderland Quiz League

Here is the latest set I wrote, with the help of league organiser Chris Brewis, for the Sunderland Echo League quiz this week. As always, its worth mentioning that this is a team based quiz so the questions tend to be a little more testing than quiz leagues with an individual focus...Set B to follow tomorrow

Sunderland Echo Quiz League


Set by Chesters

Questions A

Round 1                                                                                                                        

1.       Actors Tom Conti, Gerard Butler and singer Gerry Rafferty were all born in which town, which to the amazement of some was on the shortlist to be Britain's City of Culture 2021?
2.       Which Premier League team's manager (as of last week) is a former international for the Republic of Ireland?
Brighton and Hove Albion (London-born Chris Hughton)
3.       Which actress was certainly being serious when she told tales of her marital woes in her autobiography entitled “A Paper Life”?
Tatum O Neal
4.       If you travelled directly south from any point of Majorca, which would be the first country you would hit?


Round 2

1.       Ed Sheeran's mother was called Imogen after his grandmother's friend, who was director of the Aldeburgh Festival for 20 years and the daughter of which English composer? 
Gustav Holst
2.       Airing on BBC 1 from 1979 to 1981 for 21 episodes, and revived for a one off special in 2007, which sitcom takes its title loosely from a quote from “Hamlet”?
To the Manor Born
3.       Taking its first paying passengers in 2008, when it was the largest of its kind in the world, what is the Singapore Flyer?
A Ferris Wheel
4.       The Australian city of Cairns has a coastline on which sea?
Coral Sea


Round 3

1.       In 2015, who became the first boxer to have won both an Olympic Gold Medal for Team GB and a Professional world title?
James De Gale
2.       In 1986, what became was the first daily newspaper in the UK to be printed in colour?
3.       In 1993, Rachel Whiteread became the first woman to win which annual award?
Turner Prize
4.       The city of Hue was the capital of which country between 1902 and 1945?








Questions A


Round 4

1.       Which band's final  British appearance was a Christmas benefit concert for the children of striking firemen in Huddersfield in December 1977 ?
The Sex Pistols
2.       The Tartan Giraffe Ball will be staged in Kelso on Friday (January 26)in honour of which sportsman? 
Doddie Weir
3.       Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founded which American city?  
4.       An extension to which  London building inspired the naming of the Carbuncle Awards?  
The National Gallery


Round 5

1.    Based on passenger numbers, which was the busiest railway station in the UK in 2017?
London Waterloo
2.       What animal appears on the logo of Bacardi?
3.       'Yerba Buena' was the original name of which North American bay city, later given another Spanish name?
San Francisco
4.       Paul McCartney is the only person to have UK Number 1 singles as part of a five piece, a four piece, a threesome, a duet and as a solo artist. But which song was his only solo number 1 single, occurring in 1984?
Pipes of Peace


Round 6

1.       Which street in London, that appears on the Monopoly board, takes its name from a croquet like game played in the 17th Century?
Pall Mall
2.       Sharing her name with a famous character from the world of Opera, what was the first name of the only daughter of General Franco who died in December 2017?
3.       Canada's Thousand Islands Sauce originated on islands in which body of water?
The St Lawrence River
4.       Which former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had a brother called Austen who served as a Foreign Secretary and won the 1925 Nobel Peace Prize?
Neville Chamberlain


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