Wednesday, 10 January 2018

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia
HQ Trivia is something I imagine a lot of people reading this will already be playing! Recently released for Android, having been available for a month or so on IOS, HQ is a live trivia game in which getting 12 correct answers correctly can earn you a share of cash!
The game has been getting hundreds of thousands, and on occasions over a million, players taking part in each game. They roughly start around 9pm and 2am each night, but they have recently started doing UK games around 3pm and 8pm too.
It is hosted by a live host and you can follow each game until the end to see who is eliminated. The prizes are shared and there has been massive variation between no winners, meaning a roll over, and several hundred winners, meaning the prize is minimal. But people have walked away with $6000 and other similar figures, so you might get lucky. Quizzing knowledge will only get you so far, but the nature of the questions means you have got to have a lucky guessing finger!
If you do download it please use my Referral Code (which is just my user name "DanielFullard") and Ill get a free life!

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