Thursday, 11 January 2018

Quiz Questions

A quick selection of questions to get stuck in. Answers tomorrow! Let me know how you got on...

1.       Which track from the album ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico’  shares a name with an annual musical festival founded in 2001
2.       Which English novelist is best remembered for his series of works featuring the character of Dr. Fu Manchu?
3.       Which plant species is named after the man who served as both the Secretary of War under Martin Van Buren and as the first United States Minister to Mexico?
4.       Who was known as the ‘Voice of Wimbledon’ due to his extensive career as a Tennis Commentator? His last Wimbledon commentary being the 1991 Stitch/Becker final for the BBC, 42 years after his first.
5.       Who is the only female track and field Athlete to win 6 Olympic Gold Medals?
6.       ‘Along Came a Spider’ is the first book in James Paterson’s series of novels featuring which protagonist?
7.       Which poet won the Costa Poetry Award 2018 with her final collection of poetry 'Inside the Wave' , much of which was written in the weeks before her death?
8.       Who played George W. Bush in Oliver Stone’s 2008 film ‘W’?
9.       What nationality was the graphic artist MC Esher (1898-1972)?
10.   Which female solo artist is the only person to win the Mercury Music Prize on more than one occasion?
11.   Who played Queen Victoria in the 1974 film ‘The Great McGonagall’?
12.   In 1984, which singer became the first to have a number 1 both as a duo and as a solo artist in the same year?

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