Sunday, 28 January 2018

Quiz Review

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Bank Street Bar
Sunday Nights 8pm
I found myself up in Glasgow for a few days recently, more on that to come, and was invited by a friend to join them for a Pub Quiz in Bank Street Bar in the City Centre. For one reason or another, mainly due to the usual quizzes I attend being cancelled, this was my first actual pub quiz of the year.
The quiz begins at 8pm with a limit of 6 players per team. It was standing room only with around 15 teams taking part. Each round is broken down into subjects (the basics...TV, Film, Sport, General Knowledge, Music etc etc) with 5 questions in all but the Current Affairs round. However, each round is worth 10 points and many of the questions are for multiple points. Throw in a picture round and a music audio round and that gives you a very well put together quiz night.
You can always tell going to any new quiz, whether the person putting together the questions is a quizzer or not, and it is obvious from the high quality involved here that a quizzer is behind it! The questions were pitched at the right level, unique and interesting without a reliance on chestnuts or lazy writing. Superb selection of questions!
If you happen to find yourself in Glasgow on a Sunday Night, then head over to the Bank Street Bar. Only downside for me is I won't get to play again!

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