Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Cash Show App UK

Cash Show is one of the many apps that are going round now where you can win cash for free by entering 12 Trivia questions. The major difference with Cash Show to others is that the money is won after question 6, so even if you get 8 right and then fall out, you will win a small prize. Some quizzers are making very good money from this, and even the odd win here and there is a bonus, after all its free!

Search for Cash Show Uk on the Android store and you will see it. If you use my invitation code below when you sign up you will also get a free life (as will I) that can come in very very handy

I have been playing for a few weeks and didn't want to promote it until I knew it was legitimate and now that others I know, as well as myself, have been paid I can vouch for it!

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