Saturday, 10 February 2018

Quiz Review - SpeedQuzzing in Sunderland

As always each year om the blog, I post an updated review of local quizzes I attend. Chances are things in that time change and it keeps the information up to date, and is of course good for any readers who are new to the site.

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Chesters, Sunderland
Tuesday Nights
SpeedQuizzing - 1st Tuesday of the Month
From when I first experienced it last year, I have raved about SpeedQuizzing many times on the blog and last night was the first time of 2018 I managed to take part....and it was great to be back.
SpeedQuizzing is a pub quiz that uses your mobile phone as a keypad and allows for a much more interactive, fun and cheat free game with a much higher element of competition. Some tweaks have been made to the quiz in the Chesters since my last mention and given that the host simply buys the software and question packs from the company, and then can tinker with other elements of the format, the quiz relies on having a good quiz host.
The format currently issues involves the opening keypad round which are a mixture of letters, numbers, picture and multiple choice rounds. (The letter questions involve basically pressing the first letter of the answer). The new bonus system was in play last night and rather than being 10 points for correct with 5 for the fastest, a new system of 10 for correct and 3 for fastest, 2 for seconded fastest and 1 for third fastest made it much more competitive.
Round 2 is a buzzer in when you know and have a go. If you are right, you get the points....otherwise you are frozen out of the questions. It was back on keypads with a standard round and a music round before the final make or break buzzer section. This differs in that you are punished for being wrong and can also pick up points by agreeing with the answer of others.
All in all, the changes continue to make this one of my favourite quiz nights on the calendar and SpeedQuizzing is something you need to sample for yourself to get the most of....and if you are in the Sunderland area then there is no better place than the Chesters! 

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