Friday, 23 February 2018

Quiz Review: Stumble Inn, Sunderland

Quiz Review
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The Stumble Inn
Thursdays - 8.30pm
With a free Thursday, I headed up to the Stumble Inn quiz this week, a quiz I have known about for some time and always intended to go back to. This pub is based in Sunderland City Centre and the quiz takes place every Thursday from 8.30pm until around 11pm. If this week was anything to go by, then this is one of the best attended quizzes in Sunderland with around 13 teams taking part. The prize is a £20 bar tab with a rolling jackpot that was £240+ this week.
The format of the quiz is quite straight forward with 4 rounds of 10 questions, with loose themes (this week for example was 2 pot luck rounds, Entertainment and History/the World). Throw into the mix a music round and you have a pretty active night. The standard of the questions was reasonable and we managed a respectable 37/40 on the questions themselves. There was plenty of modern questions too which was refreshing and as long as they keep the rounds nice and varied, I can imagine this being enjoyable week in week out. The only downside last night was that they decided to award 20 points for the music round instead of the usual 10. This meant 1/3 of the quiz was based on that round, but luckily it suited us and we held the lead until the end. A good pace to the quiz, decent questions and a good mix of scores and teams.
There is a picture round in which the highest scoring team can take home a bottle of wine, and a jackpot (nearest the pin style questions leading to key to the box style game) to end the night.
All in all, a very good quiz night and well worth checking out. There are quite a few great quizzes in Sunderland now on Thursdays, its just a shame they aren't more spread out!

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