Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Sunderland Echo Quiz League Sets

For various reasons, its not often that any of the questions from the Sunderland league get posted up, other than my own which I post here. I have however noticed a set from 2 weeks ago, written by league leaders Ashbrooke has been added to the site so here it is :) Remember, the league is always team questions hence they may seem harder than some other leagues...

Set B to go follow in a couple of days



A1.      In 2017, Panasonic launched a washing machine in India which has a special setting for removing which food related item?



A2.      At which battle in 202 B.C. was Hannibal defeated by Scipio Africanus? 



A3.      The Mistral is a wind which, because of the Venturi effect, blows down the valley of which river?




A4.      In 2017, which country won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time after 53 years of participation?




A5.      Which then 100-year-old actress became the oldest woman ever to become a dame in the 2017 Queen’s Birthday Honours?

                                                                                    Olivia de HAVILLAND


A6.      Which 2017 Rita Ora hit song shared its title with a 1971 Elton John hit?

                                                                                                            YOUR SONG


A7.      Which English football club has on its crest a tree and two stars? 


A8.      What was the name of the secret society, whose name in Latin means “the enlightened ones”, which was founded in Bavaria in 1776 and included the poet Goethe among its members?



A9.      Dying in 2018, who was the only astronaut to fly on Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle missions? 

                                                                                                                                                            John YOUNG

A10.    Scalesia affinis is a flowering plant endemic to the Galapagos Islands which has a tree-like habit. It is related to which common, small, meadow plant?



A11.    In March 1953, while in West Germany working as a Morse code operator for the U.S. army, Sergeant Johnny Cash (Yes, that one!) was the first American to learn of whose death? 



A12.    Which female trainer joked that Sizing John’s win in the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2017 was “beginner’s luck”?

                                                                                                Jessica HARRINGTON                    

ROUND 4     

A13.    Which duo first appeared in the Reginald Hill novel A Clubbable Woman?

(Andrew) DALZIEL and (Peter) PASCOE

A14.    Which mountain in the Lake District is 828 metres high and named after the Roman road which ran between forts at Brougham and Ambleside? 



A15.    Widely regarded as the greatest mathematician of all time, who, born in 1777, published little    during his lifetime but said of those works he did release that they were “Few, but ripe”?

Carl Friedrich GAUSS


A16.    Who famously sang “Let the Bright Seraphim” at the Royal Wedding of Charles Windsor and Diana Spencer?

                                                                                                            Kiri te KANAWA



A17.    In 1532, who was made Marquis of Pembroke? 



A18.    Launched in 2005, the MRO has orbited Mars since 2006 and is expected to do so until 2030. For what does the “R” in MRO stand?



A19.    “Women and children first” became a standard drill after the sinking of which ship in 1852?




A20.    Which Australian scored a hundred before lunch against Pakistan in January 2017?

                                                                                                David WARNER


A21.    The U.S.Vice-President, Mike Pence, has a family pet Marlon Bundo, known as Botus. What type of animal is he?

                                                                         RABBIT (Bunny Of The United States)

A22.    BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and which other nation?                       

                                                                                                            SOUTH AFRICA

A23.    Which New Zealander is the only combatant soldier to have been awarded two VCs?

                                                                                                            Charles UPHAM

A24.    Theresa May has been MP for which constituency since 1997?



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